Energy, flair, and enjoyment are words that might be used to describe FIDN.

Growing up in a party environment meant that music has been flowing through FIDN from a young age (it’s kinda difficult avoiding if you have had music blasting your eardrums since you were like less than 0 years old)

FIDN has been a high-level athlete ever since he can remember. Music has both been a celebratory tool after great wins and a companion through bitter defeats. It has always been part of the story… now it seems like it’s turning into the story.

Musically speaking, you might be able to find FIDN in a spot between Dave, Rema, Knucks and
Wizkid. He seeks to merge “rap” with “afrobeats” without being afraid of tapping into other genres such as UK Garage.

Well, that’s FIDN… signing off with a (splash)


After heavily playing with the thought of becoming a real artist for years, HASHIYAMA, whose real name is Vitus Prüser Bregendahl, recorded his first single "Everytime" on New Year's eve 2019, and his second single shortly after called "Curfew".

After life getting in the way, HASHIYAMA took a step away from music, only to return summer 2022 with the legendary single $uCKONTHACOCK#BEATITUP; HASHIYAMA officially made a comeback and slowly began building his image, this time for real.

Heavily inspired by artists such as XXXTENTACION, Glaive, Jasiah & Denzel curry, HASHIYAMA is diverse in his music and records whatever seems to be on his mind.

Wanting to cast a more profound message through his music, HASHIYAMA aims to uplift, inspire and do better for the world.




Nokin is part of the organization Misunderstood, which was founded in 2022 by the three main members HASHIYAMA, Nokin and FIDN.

Nokin's real name is Felix, an artist born and raised in Copenhagen.

His interest for music started when he at a young age was introduced to the band Muse by his mother. But beside parents music taste, didn't grow up with music

He picked up his own music taste, and takes a lot of inspiration from artists like the virtual band Gorillaz, to the New York icon A$AP Rocky. Nokin is a creative artist and wants to explore the limits of music, with his dark and deep voice but let people know that music isn't bounding. And exceed expectations in different genres.